Bettors looking for a wager with a fancifully high payoff last summer could have risked a bit of cash on the proposition that Elvis Presley would be found alive.

Or they could have placed their money on a true longshot: The laughable idea that the lowly Leicester City Foxes soccer club would somehow surge to the top of the world-class English Premier League.

Elvis surfacing in good health was a 2,000 to one shot; the Foxes taking the top spot was rated even more unlikely, at 5,000 to one odds.

Now the Foxes are on the verge of one of the greatest upsets in the history of modern sports, and the impact of their astonishing run on Britain's betting industry is already being felt, with betting firms facing losses of some 10 million pounds ($14.6 million) as the Foxes close in on the top spot, which they can clinch as early as Sunday by beating Manchester United.