Italian court says bribing police officers is sometimes legal

 (Jochen Eckel/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

In Italy it’s OK to bribe police officers, but watch the number of bills that you take out of your wallet.

An Italian court ruled Thursday that a drunk driver did nothing wrong when he tried to pay off a cop – because his bribe of 100 euros ($108) wasn’t big enough to be deemed corruption.

The court also said that the man was not of “sound mind” when he offered the money to the police officer to avoid being charged, The Local reported, citing Italian news website Today.

Italian law states that in order for a bribery attempt to be considered as corruption, “It is necessary that the offer is made with appropriate seriousness,” and “that the attempt is able to psychologically unsettle the public official.”

The driver was able to escape the bribery conviction, but was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, which in Italy carries a fine of up to $6,717 dollars and a license ban and prison sentence of up to a year, The Local reports.

It was unclear when or where in Italy the incident happened.