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Brief dramatic cooldown to give way to muggy weekend in northeastern US

Following a dramatic cooldown during the middle and latter part of this week, muggy air with showers and thunderstorms will return to the northeastern United States this weekend.

Off their peak from record levels in the 90s F during the first part of this week, temperatures will be slashed by 15 to 30 degrees from north to south over the next couple of days.

"This is a similar scenario to May's heat wave, where three days of hot weather is followed by cool and unsettled conditions," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Dean DeVore.

Static NE Midweek Cooldown

The cooldown has already gotten underway in northern New England and will be enhanced farther south by Atlantic Ocean waters as winds become more easterly.

Where low clouds and a breeze accompany the cooler air, it may feel refreshing to some people but rather clammy to others following a few days of 90-degree heat.

While heavy, gusty thunderstorms will mark the transition to cooler air, the storms will be spotty in nature. Some areas may not have a drop of rain during the cooldown.

Temperatures may struggle to climb past 70 at the peak of the easterly flow from coastal New England on Wednesday to the New Jersey beaches on Thursday. Highs will be in the 70s for a couple of days along the Delmarva Peninsula to part of eastern Virginia.

The cooler air will also push westward and wedge up into the Appalachians. Over the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region, temperatures will be trimmed, but the cooling will be less pronounced.

Similarly, the greatest drop in humidity levels will be across New England and the mid-Atlantic during the middle part of the week.

However, south to southeasterly winds will cause humidity levels to climb across the region on Friday with warm and muggy conditions in store for most areas during Father's Day weekend.

Static Weekend NE

From the Great Lakes to the mid-Atlantic coast, highs will be mainly in the 80s this weekend. Farther north, highs will trend upward from the 60s to the 70s to near 80 in parts of New England.

Along with the uptick in humidity will be rounds of showers and thunderstorms each day from Friday through Sunday. The potential for downpours will continue along the Atlantic Seaboard into early next week as well.

As a result, people heading to ballgames or the beach may have to run for cover as downpours erupt and meander eastward.

It could be a while before prolonged 90-degree temperatures with rain-free, sunny conditions return.

"There may be a day or two into almost the end of June before we have another heat wave in the Northeast," according to AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok.

"It is possible there is another several-day stretch with highs in the 90s during the last few days of June into the start of July," Pastelok said.

Until then, back-and-forth rounds of warm and cool conditions are likely with fluctuating humidity levels.