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Downpours to Soak Italy, Balkans into Early Week

An area of low pressure will continue to bring drenching showers and thunderstorms across Italy and the Balkans through the beginning of the week. This is the same area of low pressure that brought heavy rain and hail last week across southern Europe, including Spain.

After the storms in Spain, cooler air reached the country where temperatures fell to seasonable levels following an extended period of heat, including the highest temperatures ever reported during the month of May in many locations.

With the storm system now slowly moving to the east, drenching showers and thunderstorms are expected in areas from Italy into the Balkans. The greatest threat for flooding downpours will be in the western Balkans, along the Dinaric Alps and into Serbia on Sunday and Monday.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys says that, "Thunderstorm could bring heavy downpours to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Montenegro. Isolated street flooding is possible in low lying and poor drainage areas."

Roys goes on to say, "The stronger storms may bring 50-75 mm (2-3 inches) of rain within a short period of time leading to water rapidly rising on some roads making for dangerous travel."

While the flooding risk will not be as great in Italy and the eastern Balkans, residents in Italy and Hungary along with western Romania and Bulgaria should be prepared for a soaking downpour on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. This is especially true during the afternoon and evening hours as daytime heating creates increased instability.

In Italy the thunderstorm threat will occur each afternoon across the Alps and Apennines. In cities not in the mountains such as Rome, Naples and Milan, the threat for rain will remain low, though not zero.

Through the second half of the week an area of high pressure building into Italy will lead to the gradual return of dry conditions. However, showers and thunderstorms will remain into late-week across the southern Balkans.