Paul wanted Kentucky to caucus, still taking Trump fire

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The Kentucky Republican Caucus on Saturday has been largely funded by Sen. Rand Paul who convinced the state party to switch from a primary format to get around a state law prohibiting someone from appearing on the ballot in multiple federal races.

Paul was seeking a second Senate term and running as a 2016 GOP presidential candidate until he suspended his campaign last month.

He tweeted a couple of photos of himself at his caucus site. A Paul spokesman says the senator will not say for whom he has cast a ballot and noted he has yet to endorse a candidate since dropping out after the Iowa GOP Caucus in early February.  

In the meantime, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump sent the following two tweets Saturday morning:

“Why would anyone in Kentucky listen to failed presidential candidate Rand Paul re: caucus. Made a fool of himself (1%.). KY his 2nd choice!”

The other reads: “To the people of Kentucky, Rand Paul didn't want you. Not (sic) he runs back due to his presidential failure. #VoteTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain”