Larry's Crystal Ball Shows Big Republican Gains

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With just days left until the Election, Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia Center for Politics says the election picture is getting clearer in his "Crystal Ball," upping the number of pick-ups for Republicans. Even before Labor Day, Sabato predicted Republicans would pick up 47 seats, but now he says they will take home 55 seats once filled by Democrats.

"If Republicans gain 55 seats, this will actually be there biggest gain since Franklin Roosevelt. The last time they will have done about this well was 1942. Even in 1994, which is a Republican landslide year, when Newt Gingrich came in during the Clinton Administration, Republicans gained 52 seats," Sabato said during an interview with Fox News Channel Thursday morning.

Sabato is predicting Republican gains in the Senate too.  He says the GOP will pick up eight seats, which is short of the 10 they need to regain control.  In a statement released Thursday, Sabato says he believes Republicans will hold all its open seats in Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire and Ohio, along with a few seats previously held by Democrats.

The Crystal Ball also has Republican governors adding to their ranks.  According to Sabato, Republicans are predicted to pick up eight to nine states. He also says this number could be tweaked again before the election.

Sabato added "The reason is because this election has been over for a long time. Elections are about fundamentals, and the fundamentals in this case are all favoring the republican candidates; the bad economy, an unpopular democratic president, public unease about the health care reform, about debt, spending, taxes. You add it all up, it's going to be a substantial Republican victory.",