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    REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE, D-TEXAS: This is about saving lives. This is killing Americans, if we take this bill away, if we repeal this bill.


    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Texas Democratic Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee says killing Americans, if we repeal this. Congresswoman, good to have you.

    Do you really believe that?

    JACKSON LEE: It's -- it's good to be with you. It really is.

    Neil, I am standing in front of a picture of a senior citizen who had pneumonia. And if it had not been for her constitutionally protected Medicare, she might have truly, under certain circumstances, lost her life.

    There are people would have been living with preexisting conditions where now they will be able to have insurance, people with chronic illnesses, like a hemophiliac. One of individuals that we saw yesterday by the name of Ed said that he would be worried about his medical care with lifetime caps, because he had been a hemophiliac...

    CAVUTO: But you just said that woman behind you, though, Congresswoman...


    CAVUTO: ... would..


    JACKSON LEE: He's been a hemophiliac since he was a child.


    CAVUTO: ... had Medicare. Medicare wouldn't have been affected one way or the other with the law, right? I mean, she would still have been treated regardless if the law was in or out, right?

    JACKSON LEE: Well, the argument -- the argument, Neil, is that government-run health care is bad. The argument is that it is unconstitutional.

    And I am here to say to you, first of all, I'm going to vote no on the repeal and I look forward to working with Republicans on certain fixes, because you can amend, but I'm certainly not going to repeal.

    CAVUTO: All right, but some of these...

    JACKSON LEE: What we're saying is that their argument...

    CAVUTO: ... benefits you allude to, ma'am, have not even kicked in. So, if they repeal or take them out, something that has not even happened yet is -- is -- is not affected, right?

    JACKSON LEE: Some -- but some have kicked -- kicked in.

    For example, being able to have your children on your insurance at the age of 26, that is already in place. Preexisting disease -- requiring insurance companies to sell insurance to those individuals with preexisting conditions has already kicked in.

    CAVUTO: For children, for children.


    JACKSON LEE: It's still -- it's already kicked in.

    CAVUTO: So...

    JACKSON LEE: And that's a mighty important ...

    CAVUTO: So, you think -- all right.

    JACKSON LEE: ... aspect...

    CAVUTO: All right. All right. All right. Then -- then, you think...

    JACKSON LEE: ... of this bill that is saving lives.

    CAVUTO: ... by repealing it -- so, you think, by repealing it, people are going to die? You are literally saying that?

    JACKSON LEE: I certainly -- I -- I certainly believe that there is a real possibility of that.

    This is not a bill about jobs. It's about saving lives. And that is, of course, prescription drug benefits for seniors, closing those doughnut holes. Those are forthcoming. Yes, the -- as you indicated, the preexisting condition, the 26-year-old being on your -- on your health care coverage, because suppose your youngster who doesn't have a job just graduated from college, got into a catastrophic accident, and you didn't have the means.

    People have been turned away from hospitals simply because they have no insurance. People have been put out of hospitals because they have reached the lifetime caps. So, this...

    CAVUTO: But -- but -- but, Congresswoman, you...

    JACKSON LEE: ... is legislation...

    CAVUTO: ... have got to be careful. I know your -- your heart and intent and your desire to keep this bill, but you're -- you going to have to give me more proof, when you say Americans are going to die, that since this health care law went into effect, that it has saved lives, that people are live today who otherwise would have been dead, because, otherwise, you are really, really just -- just making stuff up.

    JACKSON LEE: Well, I'm -- I am not making things up.