• With: Ted Koppel

    O'REILLY: Well, I got to tell the truth, Mr. Koppel come on.

    KOPPEL: I mean, Bill what is it you think that I have said about the network or written about the network?

    O'REILLY: You think that we have corrupted the sanctity of fair news coverage.

    KOPPEL: I think --

    O'REILLY: That's what I think.

    KOPPEL: I think that ideological coverage of the news, be it of the right or be it of the left, has created a political reality in this country which is bad for America. I think it's made it difficult if not impossible for decent men and women in Congress, on Capitol Hill to reach across the aisle and find compromise.

    And if we can't -- and if we can't do that, Bill, we're going to be in -- and -- and we have been, I think, for the last few years, in a terrible situation in this country where politically we can't make deals anymore.

    O'REILLY: So you're blaming me and the Fox News Channel for the deterioration of Congress. If they don't have enough guts to do what's best for the country by compromising, all right, they don't deserve to be there. You can't be on top for as long as the Fox News Channel has been on top and sell a product that's inferior or dishonest. It's impossible in this country.

    So therefore, I want you to re-evaluate our network, watch it a little bit more and then we'll talk in about a year. Last word.

    KOPPEL: The last word is how many people are watching the Fox Network at 10:00 o'clock in the morning or 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon or 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon roughly?

    O'REILLY: I don't know how many people.

    KOPPEL: Well, you should, you work for the organization.

    O'REILLY: You know, we have millions of people watching us from sign off to sign on.

    KOPPEL: You know, you know, yes. But you do not have millions of people watching at 10:00 in the morning or noon or 1:00 in the afternoon. The millions of people are watching you, Bill.

    O'REILLY: And they're better for it.


    KOPPEL: The millions -- the millions of people are watching those of you with a particular point of view.

    O'REILLY: That's the way the country works. That's the free marketplace.

    KOPPEL: That's the free marketplace and I'm perfectly content to leave it on that -- on that note. It's a business. And it's operating as a business. And once upon a time, you and I actually thought journalism was a calling.

    O'REILLY: But I still think that I'm doing something noble.


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