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Docs shroud palm-size preemies in cling wrap to help save their lives

 (Central European News)

Extremely premature twin boys in China are fighting for their lives after being born weighing a mere 2.05 and 1.65 pounds. Doctors have shrouded the newborns in cling wrap to help retain the moisture of their underdeveloped bodies, Central European News (CEN) reported.

Their mother, identified only by her surname, Chen, was recently admitted to the Women & Children Health Care Hospital in East China’s Zhejiang province for vaginal bleeding prior to giving birth. Doctors initially suspected she underwent a miscarriage or a placental abruption, wherein the placenta and the wall of the womb separate during pregnancy, CEN reported.

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But Chen, 31, begged doctors to do their best to save her unborn children. About 11 hours after she was admitted, they delivered the twins, who were born 26 weeks premature. Doctors nicknamed them “the Palm Brothers” due to their miniature sizes.

They intubated the babies and placed them in incubators to help save their lives. Doctors and nurses at the hospital are monitoring them around the clock, and they are hoping they pull through, CEN reported.