After dropping your bag off with a ticket agent, have you ever wondered where it really goes?

Sure, many travelers have experienced their set of checked bag woes—from mishandled luggage to airlines losing precious cargo—but at the end of  most flights, passengers are happily reunited with their luggage at the carousel.

It turns out before bags even make it onto the airplane, they are in for quite a ride.

Using a camera attached to a piece of luggage, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam recently posted a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to your luggage after it's checked in. It turns out, bags are treated to a wild ride along automated robotic tracks that would put some of the world’s most amazing roller coasters to shame.

The video is fun to watch on its own but the original video has a 360-degree feature that allows viewers to get a better sense of what’s happening around your bag as it goes through the many twists and turns.