Lame ways people try to get an upgrade on Virgin Atlantic

Passengers will make up any excuse to get into the upper class cabin.

Passengers will make up any excuse to get into the upper class cabin.  (Virgin Atlantic)

From being broken-hearted to wanting to avoid the screams of their own baby, some people will say anything in the desperate hope of scoring that elusive flight upgrade.

That’s according to Virgin Atlantic which has revealed some of the strangest requests ever heard at their check-in desks.

The airline surveyed more than 1000 of its ground staff and crew to come up with this wacky list, and it’s safe to say they’ve heard it all.

Here are their top eight most memorable upgrade requests:

1. The rowing couple: A man asked for an upgrade so he wouldn’t have to sit next to his wife.

2. The broken-hearted: A young man hoped an upgrade would mend his broken heart after being dumped on his birthday.

3. The tired father: A father travelling with his family wanted to be upgraded as his baby was teething and he wanted a good sleep. Needless to say his wife wasn’t impressed!

4. The entrepreneur: A businessman said he wanted to meet Richard Branson and pitch an idea to him on board.

5.The impatient traveller: A woman asked for an upgrade as she wanted to get to her destination quicker (what?)!

6. The trickster: A famous magician offered to perform for the crew in return for an upgrade.

7. The overachiever: A businessman said he was sitting in economy but his boss was in premium — he wanted an upgrade so he could wave at his boss from the bar.

8. The fantasist: One man requested an upgrade so he could try out the on board hot tub (there are none, yet).

Meanwhile, the most common reasons given for an upgrade include that it’s their birthday, they’re a “friend” of Mr Branson, and it’s their honeymoon.