Where to find the lowest-priced beer in the world

Krakow, Poland has an overall average price of about $1.66 per beer.

Krakow, Poland has an overall average price of about $1.66 per beer.  (iStock)

The folks over at GoEuro really know how to relate cost of living and traveling in terms we can relate to. This past week they came out with the 2015 GoEuro Beer Price Index. The data they collected came from 75 cities around the world and includes the five most common imported beers and the main local beer. 

So where should we go to drink cheap? It turns out Krakow, Poland has an overall average price of about $1.66 per beer. The average is based on $2.70 for a beer at a bar and $.62 at the grocery store. That is about $3.50 a six pack! Kiev, Bratislava, Malaga, and Delhi all come in on the cheaper side as well.

The most expensive place to get a beer would be Geneva with an average price of $6.32. The interesting thing is you can still drink cheap in Geneva, you just have to get your beer at the grocery, where the average is only $1.87.  Which makes the average price of a beer at the bar in Geneva $10.77! Some of the other cities on the high side include Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Oslo, which offered last year’s most expensive beer.

But what about us here in the U.S.? How did we do? Well, New York is our most expensive city on the list with an average beer of $5.20. Apparently we only pay on the average $8.97 for a beer at a bar in NYC (they don’t go to the same places I do, apparently). Los Angeles comes in at the lowest city in the U.S. on the list with an average beer price of $3.24. Again, where are they buying beer?

The company also charted annual consumption per person in liters. The city with the lowest beer consumption was Cairo, Egypt where they only consume four liters per person per year on the average. Contrast that with Bucharest, Romania where they quaff 133 liters a year, making them the beer-drinkingest city in the world. Some of us are quite glad they didn’t put our city on the chart.

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