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Couple's travel selfies find their way into music video glory

One couple just won the selfie game.

Well, we might as well state that there are no winners and losers when it comes to making selfies out there amid your travels.

But if there were, we would imagine getting your pictures into a real music video would be among the prizes for an epic adventure of self photography.

That’s exactly what happened for Stephen and Sammy who went on a smooch fest around the world and grabbed the attention of music group Great Good Fine OK.

Here is the music video that is something of an anthem for the rest of us traveling nuts who know what it feels like to not want to return home (h/t The Awesomer).

The group explains via Vimeo: “Stephen and Sammy traveled around the world listening to 'Not Going Home.' All 24 timezones in 31 days. We were so inspired and moved by their trip and how it perfectly epitomizes the spirit of the song, that we decided to turn their footage into our official music video.”

It’s easy to get whisked away in the couple’s journey, smitten with how much they enjoy travel and adore one another.

We can see why the group would choose to make a bunch of images that previously held just private worth for two people in love as their music video.

Now it’s up to you lovebirds out there to make some selfies of your own. Even if music video glory doesn’t come, you will have had an unforgettable time compiling memories.

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