Don’t drink and fly.

That’s the message being delivered by British budget airline Jet2, several English tour operators and the British Air Transport Association and the Airport Operators Association.

Tired of drunk and unruly behavior on flights, Jet2 is proposing a code of conduct to start cracking down on unruly passengers – which could include banning them for life.

Phil Ward, managing director of, told the Telegraph that the minority are making it difficult for the majority.

“We are a family airline and holiday company carrying millions of passengers every year,” Ward said. “These are people who have chosen to take their well-earned summer breaks with us and we want them to have a wonderful time. Therefore, under no circumstances will we allow the disruptive few to spoil the experience for the majority of the fantastic customers that fly with us.”

The British Air Transport Association and Airport Operators Association are partnering to determine what regulations to put into place, particularly in light of a reporter earlier this year from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which released figures showing unruly behavior has tripled in the last three years, according to the Independent.

Jet2, along with tour operators, has written to the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Transport to urge the government to help enforce new policies to help airlines deal with unruly passengers and stamp out bad behavior, the Telegraph noted.

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