Ryanair flight to London takes off without toilet paper

A Ryanair flight took off without toilet paper.

A Ryanair flight took off without toilet paper.  (iStock)

It's anyone's worst nightmare-- especially at 30,000 feet. 

Passengers onboard a recent Ryannair flight from Murica, Spain to London were in for unwelcome surprise when crewmembers discovered the plane had departed without any toilet tissue.

The flight, which is just under three hours, took off from the historic Spanish city last Sunday before cabin crew recognized that the handling agents in Spain had failed restock the cabin bathrooms. During the inflight safety demonstration, a crew member alerted passengers to the problem, provoking a mild panic throughout the airborne plane.

“Everyone has horrified looks on their faces…to be able to go to the toilet is a basic need,” passenger Shaun O’dea told The Sun. “It really was appalling.”

In additional to lacking adequate toilet paper, the flight also had no milk to offer to patrons for coffee or other beverages.

A Ryanair spokesperson told the Daily Mail that last weekend’s occurrence was very unusual.

“'This very rare and regrettable stock shortage (on the last flight last Sunday evening) was caused by the failure of our handling agents in Murcia to deliver toilet rolls and milk sachets that had been ordered on the turnaround in Murcia. Our crew explained to passengers that we wished to prioritize an on time departure for London Stansted rather than wait for these items to be delivered and cause a significant ATC delay for all our customers. Our passengers were very understanding and we apologized sincerely to them for any inconvenience caused.”

In 2014, the low cost airline was voted as one of the “worst brands in the world” by marketing consultancy Siegel+Gale’s simplicity index.

Despite its low customer satisfaction rating, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary questions the survey results, telling the Daily Mail that increasing passenger carriage and airline profits indicate otherwise.

“If we’re the worst performing brand in the world why are we the biggest international airline in the world? Why are we the most profitable airline?” O’Leary claimed. “These people always seem to (when they want some cheap publicity) they slag off Ryanair.”