That a girl.

Monte Carlo-based Lidia Bersani designer has unveiled an opulent yacht created especially for women millionaires.

Billed as the “the first luxury mega yacht for a lady,” the 262 foot-long La Belle (which translates as 'the beauty') spans five decks and features multiple lounges, a library with fireplace, a theatre and a gym with an outdoor jacuzzi. There’s also a spa with a hydromassage pool, sauna, infrared sauna and snow room. 

The interior is decorated predominantly in white, ivory and gold, and  festooned with crystal, fur, onyx, gemstones gold mosaics, mother of pearl, and Swarovski crystal chandeliers. 

For the queen of the vessel, the master cabin, decked out with a round king size double bed has a private terrace and golden interior.  There are five other guest suites spread around the yacht, which sleeps up to a dozen people.

There is plenty of room on the five decks for sun bathing, eating or listening to music in areas specially designed for entertaining.  If you get too tired from partying, an elevator will take you want to go so no need to climb stairs.

And for those who get island fever, a helicopter landing pad sits on top of the vessel to whisky passengers off on a whim.

“It was to be designed as a yacht completely different from other luxury boats, standing out, recognizable from a distance, ultra-modern and luxurious, while having a woman's touch,” Bersani told reporters.

While most of the world's megayachts have masculine features for boys and their toys in mind, Lidia Bersani says there is a gap in the market for vessels targeted at the fairer.

La Belle is a concept for now and the company has said it doesn’t have a final price.

But we can be sure it won’t be cheap.