Mischievous monkey from Bali hogs the spotlight in tourist selfie

A temple monkey perched on a wall in Indonesia.

A temple monkey perched on a wall in Indonesia.  (iStock)

This may not be one of the world’s most dangerous selfies, but one unlucky tourist in Bali got more than she bargained for when trying to pose with a furry friend.

Reddit user ThatGuy1331 posted a series of photos over the weekend with a simple caption, “My friend tried taking a selfie with a monkey. It didn't end well.”

In the shots, we see a tourist on holiday in Bali, Indonesia posing for a picture with a small primate. Just as she takes the first shot, it appears the monkey seized his opportunity for the spotlight-- literally-- by grabbing a fistful of the woman’s hair.

In the next two images, we see the tourist trying to get away from the little monkey.

In the last picture we see the monkey has released the woman’s hair but she still appears to be in total shock with a wide-eyed, fearful expression.

The post, which has almost 4,000 shares on Reddit, has sparked some amused responses and a few reminders that these cute monkeys are wild and potentially dangerous.

“Monkey is like 'I charge for selfies!'” wrote user Fun2badult.

“I sat next to a monkey, there. He looked so calm. He leaned towards me and opened his mouth up wide, exposing his fangs. I promptly got up and walked away,” posted user magnettics.