Stunning video captures hikers walking on crystal clear ice

YouTube/Tomas N

 (YouTube/Tomas N)

Walking on a frozen lake may be dangerous, but when it looks like crystal clear water, who can resist?

Tomad Nunuk. a YouTube user who goes by Tomas N., uploaded a video on Dec. 8 that shows two adventurous mountain trekkers crossing over a completely solid lake in the High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia. The scenery is breathtaking and the frozen water underfoot is so pure that it appears as though the duo is gliding on air.

The video looks almost too surreal , and some commenters are crying that it’s a fake. But according to Igor Ludma, a “Slovakian tourist,” the video could definitely be real.

"It is only possible when the temperatures fall from being relatively mild to very cold very quickly, and at the same time it's important that there has not been any snow which tends to make the ice very cloudy,” Ludma explained to the New York Daily News, in a scientific breakdown. “And we have had those conditions lately which would explain this very clear ice."

Ludma told the Daily News he believes the ice shown was at least 2 centimeters thick and could easily hold the weight of a man.

Though the video’s poster has not identified the exact location where the footage was shot, Slovakians are identifying the view as Velke Hincovo Pleso, the deepest lake in Slovakia which reaches 176 feet at its deepest point.

Check out the video below and let us know if you think it’s real or creative Internet hoax.

[youtube 8WBqX7MSqWw]