Travel guide Lonely Planet has released its top U.S. places to visit in 2015, with Queens in New York City taking the top spot.

While the announcement may seem like an upset for Manhattan, Queens is celebrated for its diversity of food, cultures and upcoming art scene.

“In recent years, Queens has seen the rise of microbreweries, boutique hotels, a reinvented seaside and a burgeoning art scene – all of which has given a big boost to local pride,” according to the Lonely Planet.

“Nowhere is the image of New York as the global melting pot truer than Queens.”

Queens is New York City’s second most populous in New York's five boroughs after Brooklyn. With a host of new craft breweries, easy-access beaches and every type of cuisine imaginable, Queens is seen as an ideal location for tourists of all ages.

Lonely Planet’s 2015 must-visit list includes lesser known destinations like Western South Dakota and the Mount Shasta region in California, but favorites like New Orleans and Indianapolis also make the top 10.

Check out Lonely Planet’s top U.S. travel destinations for 2015 and start planning your domestic getaway off the beaten path.

1. Queens, New York

2. Western South Dakota

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Colorado River region

5. North Conway, New Hampshire

6. Indianapolis, Indiana

7. Greenville, South Carolina

8. Oakland, California

9. Duluth, Minnesota

10. Mount Shasta region, California