Go swimming with crocodiles in Australia’s ‘Cage of Death’

Crocosaurus Cove

 (Crocosaurus Cove)

Looking to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most feared animals?

Just take a leisurely swim with alligators at Crocosaurus Cove, a theme park in Darwin City, Australia.

Unlike traditional shark cages, the “Cage of Death” attraction is actually an acrylic container that’s nine feet high. [image]

For 20 thrilling minutes, participants are lowered into a crocodile enclosure where they can get up close and personal with a 16-foot scaled predator that can reach up to 800 pounds. One of the park’s crocs, Chopper, is 86 years old.

Guests watch as the salt water crocodiles swim around, play and even get fed items like fish or buffalo meat right before their eyes.

“People have a mix of fear and excitement when they enter the cage, the fear of not knowing what to expect and the excitement of getting so close to an animal this big,” a park spokeswoman told the Daily Mail.

“Having people inside the cage encourages crocs to eat, they are very opportunistic feeders and will take any opportunity they can to eat.” [image]

While the Cage of Death is the most unique attraction at Crocosaurus Cove, the park features a large aquarium, reptile enclosure with over 70 species and a turtle sanctuary. Visitors can even hold a baby crocodile.