Want to find out more about your flying companion during your next flight?

Now, you don’t even have to talk to your seatmates to get all the details you want.

Quicket, a travel app that bills itself as a “one-stop-app for all your travel needs,” has unveiled a new feature that allows travelers to browse through Facebook profiles of fellow passengers.

Previous versions of Quicket, available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, let fliers book tickets, track flights and navigate through terminals with interactive airport maps. But the latest update includes a feature called “social check-in.” Those who opt in allow Quicket to access their social profiles, which will be available to other app users to browse through anonymously.  Luckily, you'll have to give your consent first before people can track your movements.

“Only users who approve the social feature will be presented on the flight,” a company spokesman said to the Daily Mail. But travelers must be checked in themselves flight to browse others.

The app grants viewers access to seat maps via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail and lets them see if any current friends are flying with you.

Technology is connecting travelers in the air and on the ground. There are a slew of apps that help expand networks every step of their trip. For example, after the social-savvy land passengers, the stalking continues when travelers opt different app that grants access to connect with hotel guests on the road.