Switzerland wants yodeling to be given UNESCO heritage status

Switzerland may be fighting a battle to keep the sound of tinkling cow bells, but it's holding on tight to preserve its time-honored tradition of yodeling. 

The Alpine country wants yodeling to be given UNESCO World Heritage status, alongside the Taj Mahal and Stonehenge.

According to the AFP, the Swiss government has announced it will submit a list to the United Nation’s cultural arm for protective status that includes yodeling and seven other traditions  --including watchmaking, graphic design and typography design, and ceremonies that surround Alpine livestock season.

UNESCO's world heritage list is normally associated with ancient Greek temples, crumbling castles and sites of natural beauty. But in 2003 it began recognizing intangible heritage, including Argentinean tango, Belgium horseback shrimp-fishing, and Austria had Viennese coffee house culture. Being granted UNESCO status allows certain protections and promotions.

Under UNESCO rules, each country can only submit one candidate for intangible heritage each year, so the Swiss government intends to submit its list successively over the next eight years. It has not decided which tradition to submit first.

We're betting on yodeling.  After all, who can resist seeing those vocal cord gymnastics --especially from the likes of 12-year-old "America's Got Talent" contestant Taylor Marie Ware who said she learning yodeling from a book, no less. 

Oh-di-lay-ee-ay, di-lay-dee-oh!

[youtube B00nfVc4FPI]