Deciding on what type of vacation you want to go on can be hard. If you’re stuck between a high-tech escape or mountain getaway, this ingenious pod can give you both. 

Italian design firm Cassina has come up with the Refuge Tonneau, a futuristic mountain shelter that has space shuttle-like lightweight aluminum panels on the outside, and an interior made with wood that gives it a cozy cabin feel, according to Dornob

The design is based on a concept created in 1938 by architects Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, but was never brought to life. Similar designs have been made for inhospitable places, such as Antarctica and the Mars Society Desert Research Station.

The dodecahedron shape and metal materials are wind resistant, keeping the structure stable and ideal for cliff side placement.

The aluminum exterior is lightweight, making it easy to transport to remote locations, and the legs are adjustable for uneven terrain. The porthole windows and pointed roof also add to the space shuttle experience.

The pod can accommodate four guests comfortably in its mountain-like cabin, and contains a wood stove for cooking and warmth, a bucket for snow collection to melt in the sink, a leather belts system to control foldable benches along the wall, and sleeping pads on the second floor.

Check out a tour of the space below. 

[youtube hMyp1ncLi2E]