The world's largest ice hotel, Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, is slated to re-open in December to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Each year, hundreds of artists from around the world apply to design an art suite at the impressive, but temporary hotel site that lies just 125 miles from the Arctic Circle.

A panel of jurors chooses the final designers, whose rooms this year range in theme from a rainforest-inspired suite complete with orangutans, as well “White Lullaby” and “Time Piece,” according to The Daily Mail.

The Icehotel 2014/2015 season will run from December to April, when the hotel begins to melt. Though it takes nearly three months for entire hotel to completely disappear. 

The building of the Icehotel takes about eight weeks from start to finish. Within, guests will find 61 rooms, an ice bar called “Lost and Found,” a gourmet restaurant, a theater and a sculpture of a unicorn.

Each room features a bed made out of ice blocks and a thick mattress. An all-weather sleeping bag and reindeer skins adorns beds to keep guests warm from the sub-zero temperatures needed to keep the walls frozen. During the day, rooms are vacated so visitors can pass through the works of art. 

This year, Icehotel is introducing a private space for events and live performances. The Aurora Hall features a stage, and inner walls made of solid ice, allowing for a unique acoustic and natural light experience. Guest activities at the Icehotel can also enjoy activities from previous years including snowmobile tours, dog sledding, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing.

Rooms start at a cool $264 per night.