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Dinner in the Sky: Thrill seekers eat suspended high above world’s most famous landmarks

  • Suspended high above a cliff.

    Suspended high above a cliff.  (dinnerinthesky.com)

  • Service for 22 in Italy.

    Service for 22 in Italy.  (dinnerinthesky.com)

  • Diners enjoying a one-of-a-kind view of this church in France.

    Diners enjoying a one-of-a-kind view of this church in France.  (dinnerinthesky.com)

Talk about adventurous eating.

Dinner in the Sky takes any culinary experience to new heights – literally --by offering diners the chance to eat on a platform suspended160 feet above world landmarks like the Las Vegas Strip or Big Ben and the London Eye.

Each covered canopy can accommodate 22 guests, who are buckled into their custom chair with a six-point seatbelt system. The entire table is attached to a crane that lifts eaters up and away for 40 to 60 minutes—depending on the package ordered.

Currently offered in over 35 countries around the world, the meals are prepared and served by a staff of five—both waiters and chefs, who work from from a space in the middle the table.

According to the FAQ on the company website, guests must weigh less than 300 pounds to dine. Packages start at $320, but go up based on the menu. The crane itself takes about two hours to assemble and two hours to strike after the event is over. Heating is available on cold days but if weather is bad, you may have to reschedule your event.

And if a sky high dinner isn’t enough for your adventurous spirit, the company also offers weddings, an intimate lounge set up for cocktails and a live entertainment package.

But if you have to go the bathroom, the whole table has to go down with you.