There’s nothing more magical than the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.  

But a rare collision of erupting lava from Iceland's Bardabunga volcano and the Aurora Borealis has created one of the most amazing light shows on Earth.

U.K. travel company Off The Map Travel, which takes tourist to see the display in northern Sweden, says the timing could be better to see the rare sight, because geomagnetic storms that cause the Northern Lights are mixing with the emerging lava and are creating an amazing display of color.

"This is great news for anyone who has dreamed of experiencing the Northern Lights," said Jonny Cooper, Northern Lights expert and founder of Off the Map Travel.  

The Bardarbunga eruption, which began in August, continues to spew molten lava, but October’s clear, dark skies make for some of the best viewing of the two natural phenomena.

“A number of factors have to all come together at once. Firstly an eruption in a location within the Auroral oval and at the right time of year where it is dark enough to see both (September to March),” said Mark Hayward communications director with Off the Map Travel.

Hayward said that the vacation is suitable for travellers of all ages and that trips to see the lights are made in a super jeep that’s able to traverse the rough terrain.  An evening tour lasts about 4 hours and safety is the number one concern for their clients. "The eruption is carefully monitored and is viewed from a very safe distance," he added.

Prices for a four night trip to Bjorkliden and Abisko in northern Sweden begin at $1600 per person.