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Dancing in uniform: Beyond Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace guards are one of the Britain’s biggest tourist attractions.  But recently, a member of the Queen's Grenadier Guards really put on a show for the crowds when he decided to bust a move while on duty.  

[youtube 5D9Z-zSFPQI]

The video, shot by a visitor and posted on YouTube, shows some hilarious slow-motion, start-stop moves and few well-executed pirouettes--in addition to a gesture acknowledging his audience --a big no, no for guards on duty.

Now, the solider, who has yet to be identified, is under under investigation, according to The Guardian,

We get the whole idea of tradition and disciple, but the men and women who serve all over the world deserve a little wiggle room (pun intended) every once in awhile. 

Here are some of the best videos we've rounded up of the those in uniform showcasing their fancy foot work.


Here a Nordic policeman hosts his own mini rave while onlookers appear confused then pretty excited by his moves.

[youtube _61s62WKVio]


According to Global Voices, these dance moves were meant to recruit members into the armed forces.  Pretty slick, if you think dancing is one way to get people excited about serving.

[youtube Oc9wXhi23V4]


Think it's all about vodka and furry hats in Russia?  This guy is a rave of one.

[youtube PW3tgXUxYj0]

U.S.: Military stationed overseas

This list wouldn't be complete without a roundup of American G.I.'s working it out while serving our country. 

[youtube YB5AcDcFNUo]

Troops break it down to Pharrell's "Happy":

[youtube 3vL0jEbISPw]

And they certainly didn't miss the Harlem Shake sensation:

[youtube WT2KLVhRuQM]