Best and worst US airlines, according to Airfarewatchdog

Delta Airlines flies into first place as the top U.S. carrier.

Delta Airlines flies into first place as the top U.S. carrier.  (Reuters)

Want to know how American air carriers really stack up? has just released their annual list of the best -- and not so great -- carriers.

Delta Airlines claims the top prize as the best overall performing airline, according to survey.

The rankings include various categories like Fewest Midhandled Bags, Fewest Cancelled Flights, On-Time Arrivals, and Customer Satisfaction Score - based on  American Customer Satisfaction Index scores from this year. The overall performance score combined the airline’s scores from all categories.

United, which received poor customer satisfaction marks and a relatively low percentage of on-time arrivals, came in last place for overall airline performance

And although lower-cost Southwest received the second highest score in customer satisfaction, its poor handling of luggage and high volume of delayed flights pushed its overall ranking to the bottom of the list.

Check out how eight popular U.S. carriers ranked below in overall performance.

1. Delta
2. Virgin America
3. Alaska
4. JetBlue
5. Frontier
6. Southwest (AirTran)
7. America (US Airways)
8. United