Man proposes to girlfriend at 35,000 feet while crew serenade the happy couple

Love is in the air aboard this Emirates flight.

Love is in the air aboard this Emirates flight.  (YouTube screen shot/Emirates)

A Scottish woman got the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend proposed during a 14-hour trip from Dubai to Brisbane, Australia.

Stuart Mackinnon didn’t just get down on one knee, however. Enlisting the help if Baradene College Concert Band, which just happened to be aboard his flight, and the vocal chops of a few talented crew members, he organized a romantic serenade at 35,000 feet, reports the Daily Mail.

In the video clip posted by Emirates on their YouTube channel, a crew members sings a surprisingly good rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a wonderful world,” while trumpets play in the background.

The airplane’s luxurious lounge area is transformed into a mini concert hall as fellow passengers enjoy the show.

After the song concludes, an anxious Mackinnon hands his girlfriend Victoria a bouquet of flowers, then gets down on one knee to pop the big question.

She says yes and the plane cabin erupts in applause. And the attentive crew is at the ready with a couple flute of celebratory champagne.

Check out the romantic sky-high proposal.

[youtube 18357WkQs7k]