Erotic ‘Fifty Shades of Grey Hotel’ too close to chapel says town mayor

The proposed location of Roissy Castle hotel.

The proposed location of Roissy Castle hotel.  (Google Maps)

The opening of a new bondage-themed hotel has been delayed by a town council arguing that the proposed location is too close to the village chapel.

Vilafranca, a Spanish town of just 2,500 residents, is home to the newly named ‘Roissy Castle’- a 20 room inn with over 1600 square feet of dungeon space for guests to enjoy BDSM activities—including bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, according to the Daily Mail.

Like in the famed E.L. James novel, guests can use suspension tools, whips, torture studs, crosses, chains and a variety of toys used to enhance sexual pleasure. The hotel space also has three private dungeons.

The erotic lodge was scheduled to open Aug. 1, but  Oscar Tena, the town’s mayor, is now incensed at the proximity of the hotel to a small chapel where tourists and locals pay homage to the town’s patron saint. The mayor also claims the necessary paperwork has not been filed to open a restaurant and hotel on the site. 

The town council has now halted the opening indefinitely, arguing that the purveyor's new intentions for the property were not made clear. 

The Daily Mail is reporting that the anonymous businessman behind the hotel will sue the town hall if the issue is not resolved.

He claims that locals have been patronizing the hotel site’s restaurant and bar that have been open since the beginning of the summer without incident.