A group of South African sand sculptors have created two tributes to the recent Malaysian Airlines tragedies.

The hyper-realistic sand design, captured by Fin24 reader Mitch Meyer, shows one plane with ruptures down the middle perched on top of a rocky landing site, while the other plane is intact and even features a lifelike figure on a boarding ramp.

MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean in March. MH17 was shot down over Ukraine at the end of last month.

According to the South African news site, the figures are the work of a Durban-based sand artists known as the Sand Gang, who make a living sculpting realistic castles each on day on the beach’s busy promenade.

The group is required to buy permits for the right to build their creations on the beach, costing about R39 (about $3.60 USD) which has been an issue for the artist group, many of whom reside in local townships or are homeless, according to Fin24.

To fund their projects, the group accepts donations from tourists who take photos of their creations—even for pictures of the downed Malaysian planes.  

Meanwhile, other sand tributes to the fallen planes have popped up in India.