Trendy Berlin hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows reveals patrons on toilet

A potty that's anything but private.

A potty that's anything but private.  (iStock)

If you happen to be staying at the trendy 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, taking a bathroom break might not be a private matter.

Architects at the Monkey Bar, inside the Berlin hotel, installed the toilets right next to floor-to-ceiling windows, so anyone passing by can see them in all their glory. The hotel is just 10 stories high --which isn't high enough to shield guests from public view.

The contemporary hotel, which boasts of some of the best city views, is located near the Berlin Zoo and is designed with “the contrasts of nature and culture,” according to the hotel website.

After pictures began appearing of hotel guests using the toilets in plain view, the hotel didn't seem to mind.  They simply posted signs to warn users: “Please be careful, not only the monkeys are watching,” reports the Daily Mail.