New York City

Most welcoming cities in the world

Is this the world's most welcoming city?

Is this the world's most welcoming city?  (iStock)

Forget what you’ve heard about New Yorkers being rude. The Big Apple has recently been named the world’s most welcoming city, according to a survey conducted by online coupon retailer Coupon Codes Pro.

The survey asked thousands of travelers around the world which cities they found to be most and least welcoming, according to the Huffington Post

And the answers may surprise you.

Notoriously bustling New York City and Beijing come out on top, while four of the global top five least friendly cities are found in Europe.

Parisians take the top spot as the most unwelcoming city folk.

No specific parameters were defined for "welcoming."

Do you agree with the survey picks? Check out the top five most and least welcoming cities around the world.

The MOST welcoming cities:

1. New York City, USA

2. Beijing, China

3. Toronto, Canada

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Sydney, Australia

The LEAST welcoming cities:

1. Paris, France

2. London, UK

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Rome, Italy

5. Tokyo, Japan