Delta apologizes for sending out tweet depicting Ghana with a giraffe

Giraffes are not a native species to Ghana.

Giraffes are not a native species to Ghana.  (Twitter/Fast Company)

Delta Airlines is facing a social media firestorm after posting a congratulatory tweet in the wake of U.S. team 2-1 World Cup victory over Ghana and incorrectly representing the country with a picture of a giraffe. 

The post featured the final score, with pictures meant to represent the two countries. The victorious U.S. was depicted as the Statue of Liberty and Ghana was represented by giraffe, expect there are no giraffes in Ghana. Twitter users who saw the post called the image racist and ignorant.

While many posters were upset, some found humor in the situation.

Someone at Delta was made aware of the gaffe and the offending tweet was removed, but not before Fast Company and other websites were able to capture screen shots.

An apology appeared soon after.