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Faith-based waterpark will prohibit thongs and ‘excessively revealing’ swimwear

This suit might be banned at new faith-based waterpark.

This suit might be banned at new faith-based waterpark.  (iStock)

This is one water park where you’ll need to bring a cover-up.

Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks is planning to open a new park in Brazoria, a tiny Texas town south of Houston.

A family friendly dress code will be strictly enforced, which includes a no-thong policy, a ban on excessively revealing swimwear, no denim-- and employees have the right to ask any scantily clad patrons to put on more clothes.

"We're a very family friendly business,” Johnny Blevins, the Splash Kingdom Family Waterparks president and CEO, told the Houston Chronicle. “Our goal is to glorify God while providing a fun, safe recreational area for families.”

The company website, which prominently features a Bible verse, does not specify park dress code or define 'excessively revealing.'

The $6.5 million attraction will cover 35 acres and will likely include many similar features--waterslides, a lazy river and more-- found in Splash Kingdom’s other Texan water parks.

The property is also alcohol free.

Supporters of the new project believe the new park will benefit the local economy, reports the Houston Chronicle. With just 3,000 Brazoria currently has limited options for younger children to play and older children to work during the summer.