Live like a caveman in luxurious Stone Age hotel

  • Sleep in a modern cave.

    Sleep in a modern cave.  (South African Lodges)

  • Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

     (Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve)

  • Natural rock formations around the South African resort.

    Natural rock formations around the South African resort.  (Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve)

Mankind has evolved from its cave dwelling days, but this luxury hotel built into the side of a rock may make you long to live like the Flintstones.   

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is nestled literally inside South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains just 155 miles from Cape Town.

The hotel has many 21st century amenities Wilma would love, including a restaurant, bar and spa with a menu of treatments. Solar energy provides the property with electricity and WiFi service, but there is no cellphone coverage.

Each hotel room  has a private terrace and en-suite bathroom, and guests can discover cave paintings that date back 6,000 years around the reserve.

Looking to really get in touch with your wild side?

Sleep outside in the hotel’s only Outcrop Open Air Room, a suite with no walls or windows that allows guests to star gaze as they fall asleep.

The hotel also bills itself as a “luxury holiday destination for nature lovers” and offers a variety of activities, such as mountain biking, bushman and star-gazing hikes and nature drives in a 4x4 vehicle.

Owners Willie de Waal, Pieter de Waal and Pieter Loubser bought the land in 1986 for personal use, but opened the nature reserve so guests could enjoy the natural beauty.  

All inclusive Deluxe Hut packages start at $186 per night.