The union representing Cathay Pacific cabin crew says that the airline’s new uniforms are too revealing.

Created by fashion designer Eddie Lau,  they include white logo-print blouses, red skirts with two slits at the rear, sheer black stockings and black high heels. Red jackets are optional.

The Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union (CPAFAU) say that the skirts hug too tightly and that the blouses are too short, exposing the flight attendants' middle when they bend down.

"The blouse is too short and does not cover enough. Whenever a flight attendant bends down, her waistline is exposed," Michelle Choi, the trade union's honorary secretary, told the South China Morning Post.  "We believe the company intentionally does this to make us look a bit sexier and to let the passenger see more," she said.

The group claims that the outfits have contributed to a spike sexual harassment incidents at work.

According to a recent survey from the Hong Kong-based Equal Opportunities Commission, more than one-fourth of all air hosts and hostesses indicated that they had been sexually harassed while on duty in flight over the past 12 months.

Cathay Pacific said that cabin crew members can now exchange their uniform for a looser, longer option. It also said that it had modified the length of the blouses and the skirt's tightness.

"Crew are welcome to exchange their uniform any time if they feel the fit is not right," the airline told the South Morning China Post.