Forget about sitting around the campfire and singing “Kumbaya” this summer.

From high-flying action to four-legged fun, kids’ summer camps are nothing like their parents remember from summers gone by.

Parents and kids are demanding more during their time away from school, and camps across the nation are providing options for developing skills, finding adventure and creating friendships.

“It’s the highlight of their entire year,” said Dee Dee Wilson Barton, a mother of two in Palm Springs, Calif. “They talk about this all year long. It’s the best thing. It’s like Christmas, except that it’s a couple of weeks.”

Wilson Barton has sent her kids to Pali Adventures, located in Running Springs, Calif., for four years. Pali offers 18 different camps for participants to choose from. Her daughters have attended the camp’s extreme girl adventure, rock star, trapeze and fashion camps, among others.

“Summers are long and so I’m looking for some way to keep them in the game, stimulated,” Wilson Barton said. “I love that my older daughter has been able to pursue music while she’s there, but in this fun, relaxed environment... They think it’s fun, but all of these things are feeding into their interests.”

No matter what excites, stimulates or entertains your child, there is bound to be a camp just for him.

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