British pilot and his LEGO mini-me become viral sensation



Ladies and gentleman, your captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign because he’s actually a tiny plastic toy.

That’s right. The world's latest celebrity pilot is a LEGO.

Since first taking off on March 1, The LEGO Pilot, as he is known on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, has already made 54 flights to 16 destinations – including trips to Hong Kong, the UAE, Egypt, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Denmark, Czech Rep, Italy, Morocco and Slovenia.

The LEGO aviator is in fact the plastic mini-me to a real British pilot, who wishes to keep his identity and airline anonymous.

“I was given a LEGO pilot and LEGO jet set as a joke present,” the pilot told the Daily Mail. “He was to be a lucky charm for when I started flying about two years ago. Sadly I lost him but replaced him this year when I started this project…Now he travels everywhere with me and his top hobbies are photography, exploring and trying new things.”

Check out some of his adorable adventures below.