Wild Vegas pool parties heat up in the winter

Matt Finn takes us inside the wild indoor parties that are just as hot as the middle of the summer


When it comes to parties in Las Vegas anything can be ordered up- including the seasons.

Pool season in Sin City usually starts in March, but this year, summer-themed pool parties are heating up the Strip all year round. 

"I think it's a way to capture the experience where people can actually be in winter but lose themselves in the summer," said pool party goer Lauren Probyn of Las Vegas.

Vegas resorts like the Palms Hotel & Casino are carrying the hot revenue of summer pool parties into the slow winter months by relocating the pulsating parties indoors.  

"This is a nice little boost for Vegas in the winter time," said Jared Krulewitz, Palms Hotel & Casino marketing manager.

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Throngs of partiers dance to the beat of world class DJs, often in their bathing suits or wild outfits. They pay up to $40 just to get in, and some spend thousands of dollars for a private table or cabana.

"Everyone's pretty lively," Probyn said.

The Ghost Bar Day Club (GBDC) at the Palms Hotel & Casino is one of the hottest places. Even though it doesn't have an actual pool, the theme is crazy, unlimited fun 50 stories above the Las Vegas Strip.

"You don't have to dress up and fit some sort of mold. You can come here in Tutus and it would be fine," said Kate Curry of California, who was at GBDC to celebrate her bachelorette party.

"My cowboy outfit kind of works out well because GBDC is kind of a do-whatever-you-want theme," Krulewitz said.

Club Marquee at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas recently threw its first-ever, indoor winter pool party inside of a newly erected glass atrium roughly the size of a few football fields over its outdoor pool, which keeps the heat pumping. Thousands packed the space as temperatures inside reached above 85 degrees on a February afternoon --about 15-20 degrees hotter than on the Strip.

"When you look around the room everyone's dressed like its Memorial Day. They're looking and starving for summer," said Jason Strauss, Marquee managing partner.

The parties give tourists a place to go and a reason to let loose.

"Rather than go bar hopping you actually have a party to go to," said Donna Loya of California.

An escape to a pocket of fun-in-the-sun on what would otherwise be a blue winter day.

"It brings a new vibe and I think everyone's looking for that energy during that winter," Probyn said. "People don't want to be by themselves home at night, they want to be out here."

Matt Finn is a Fox News correspondent based in the Chicago bureau. Follow him on Twitter: @MattFinnFNC