United wants passengers to fly the eco-friendly skies

United's new InCycle eco-friendly cup.

United's new InCycle eco-friendly cup.  (United Airlines)

United Airlines announced that it will begin to phase out the use Styrofoam cups on its flights and airport lounges. 

The cups will be replaced by the Washington-based MicgroGREEN’s InCycle cup which is made from up to 50 percent recycled materials.

By March, the new cup will be appearing during the in flight beverage service, replacing the non-recyclable cups used for coffee and other hot beverages. The InCycle cup is insulated which  eliminates the need for a cup sleeve.

In a press release, United explained that the move is part of its effort to reduce waste. Over the past six years United recycled 23.5 million pounds of aluminum cans, paper and plastic from waste generated on board aircraft and in its facilities, according to the airline. 

Its Eco-Skies initiative also aims to further simplify its in flight recycling procedures for flight attendants. 

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