How Jameis Winston lost 18 pounds this offseason

Jameis Winston is a big quarterback, and a shirtless photo showing an out-of-shape Winston ahead of the 2015 NFL Draft became national news.

Jameis Winston looking slim

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Winston was listed at 230 pounds as a senior at Florida State and 231 pounds by the Buccaneers during his rookie year (which ended with a Pro Bowl selection), but like many players, his actual weight was higher. Winston is making an effort to shed pounds and come in lighter for his second season in Tampa Bay, and after working with famous trainer Tim Grover for a few months has dropped 18 pounds, according to ESPN. Winston hopes to get down to 225 entering the season.

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Grover gave Winston simple diet instructions kept him from eating in the middle of the night, which was a habit of Winston's.


"He's 22 years old; I'm not going to tell him you're not going to go out and eat only kale," Grover said. "Instead of eating a whole bag of potato chips, cut it down by a third. It's too difficult to give individual food plans, and it's better to change eating habits."

Winston not only heeded Grover's advice, he chose his favorite snack a little more carefully.

"I try to eat the healthier potato chips like Sun Chips and the kettle cooked chips," Winston said. "But instead of eating them for a snack at night, I just moved that up with lunch. That was very helpful -- eating at the right time of day."