Bridgewater appears in 'Hey Teddy' sequel video

Everyone loves a sequel, right?

Obadiah Gamble created a song and video titled "Hey Teddy" inviting Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to his birthday party. The soon-to-be 7-year-old was surprised when Bridgewater showed up to his house Wednesday.

But Gamble -- aka Skolbadiah -- didn't let it end there. Like every kid should when he receives a present, Gamble sent a thank you to Bridgewater, in the form of, of course, a music video which he called "Hey Teddy 2 (Thank U)."

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The star of this video isn't just Gamble -- who proclaims that "he has a lot of talent" -- but Bridgewater himself, who shows that his appearance wasn't just some quick hello and goodbye. He actively participated in the video and there's also moments showing him playing catch with Gamble and delivering a birthday cake (with a very impressive version of "Happy Birthday" being sung by family members, by the way).

All Bridgewater did was take an hour out of his day, but the impact was real. As Gamble sings in the video, "you made my dream come true."

Yes, thank you Teddy Bridgewater. Thank you.