Heading into the 2015 NFL season, the Rams didn't set out to trade quarterback Sam Bradford, according to Rams general manager Les Snead, who appeared recently on the Peter Schrager podcast.

Instead, Snead said the Rams' intention was to explore a restructuring of the contract that would pay Bradford about $13 million, until Snead said "deleting [Bradford] is not the answer," and trade rumors started swirling.

So the Rams engaged in trade talks with a few teams and ended up striking a deal with the Eagles, shedding Bradford's salary while adding Nick Foles, but more importantly acquiring a 2016 draft pick from Philadelphia. Snead said (53:00 on the podcast):

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"Rarely do you see starting QBs swapped. One of the reasons for us, it helped from a financial standpoint, from a cash standpoint.

"And also we did know this: Grabbing that extra second-round pick -- whoever was going to be our QB last year, if it didn't work out, whether it would have been Sam or Nick, we did know it might be time to start looking again, and we knew by getting that extra second-round pick it would give us ammo to be able to maneuver in the draft."

That second-round pick (No. 45 overall) ended up becoming part of the package of picks the Ram sent to the Titans.

"Having the two twos in this draft was very, very beneficial," Snead said. "I think that was definitely a core part of it, the meat of the thing. A big part of the foundation of that trade."

Of course, the Rams also sent the Titans their first- and third-round picks in 2017 in the deal. Would the deal have happened without that second? Maybe, maybe not.

But we do know who that No. 45 pick turned into for the Titans: 2015 Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry, running back out of Alabama, who will forever be linked to Goff along with the to-be-determined first-rounder in 2017.