Report: Patriots' broadcast bleeds into Steelers' coaching headsets during opener

The New England Patriots just can't seem to escape controversy.

NBC's Michelle Tafoya said on the air that the Pittsburgh Steelers coaches were getting the Patriots' broadcast over their headsets during Thursday night's game. The Patriots' coach-to-coach headsets were shut off intermittently, the NFL told Tafoya.

NFL head of security Jeff Miller was shown on camera while Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were discussing the mishap.

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Blake Jones, NFL director of football operations, went down to the field to help out with the headsets.

The league described the reception problem as "intermittent" and it was believed to be resolved early in the second quarter. Because it was not a complete system failure, New England's coaches were not required to shut down their headsets during the repairs.

Considering that the Patriots are coming off the deflated football scandal, anything unusual occurring during their home games will be met with increased scrutiny.

FOX Sports personality Katie Nolan cleverly came up with a name for Thursday's distraction.

The Associated Press contributed to this report