Idaho neighborhood ransacked by more than 100 rogue goats

More than 100 goats certainly weren’t kidding around when they broke out of their corral and descended on a quiet Boise neighborhood Friday morning – eating all the weeds and grass in their path to their hearts’ content.

The 118 goats were reportedly held in a fence near a retention pond and are employed by We Rent Goats, a company that lets the farm animals be rented to take care of brush, weeds or other yardwork, the Idaho Statesman reported.

But sometime on Friday morning, the tribe allegedly decided to make a break for it and broke through the slabs of the fence – starting on their journey.

Kim Gabica, who owns We Rent Goats along with Matt Gabica, told the Statesman that goats are creatures who follow.

“Goats are great escape artists, and I guess they decided to go on an adventure today,” she said. “It’s rare that this many would get out, but they would definitely follow each other.”


According to KTVB-TV, animal control initially responded to calls about the rogue goats with just one truck – but that wasn’t enough to do the trick. We Rent Goats eventually came to the rescue with a larger vehicle and shepherded the goats out of the neighborhood.

All of the escaped goats have since been accounted for but not before KTVB said they did a number on their newfound hosts’ lawns, stripping leaves off trees and digging through landscaping.

But the goats did have their time in the sun; they have since gone viral online and many children in the neighborhood got the chance to snap photos and hang out at the impromptu petting zoo.  

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.