Moose attacks two hikers in Colorado

Women survive wildlife attack in Colorado


Two hikers were attacked by an angry moose outside their Colorado home on Sunday.

"All of a sudden, I looked up and he was looking right at me and grunted and charged," Gilpin Country resident Jacqueline Boron told Fox News.

Boron and a friend were walking their dogs Sunday morning, when out of nowhere, a moose attacked them.

"When I fell back, he got me [on my arm], and then when I curled up forward, that's when he got me on the head." Boron sustained four broken ribs, 15 stitches and had her head stapled.

"[The moose] kept coming back and stomping on me," said Boron who's friend was also trampled and managed to get away.

"I heard, help me, help me," neighbor Chris Hockley recounted. "This lady comes running up...and she's covered in blood all over the arms and she's got some on her chest. 'He's still hurting her, he's still hurting her.'"

The moose finally backed off and Boron moved from tree to tree until rescuers came to her assistance.

While she said the incident won't stop her from hiking again, she warns others to run away should they encounter a moose.

"If you know there's a moose, it's not just people saying they're aggressive," she said. "They are aggressive so don't hike where you know there's moose out there."