7 women allege sexual misconduct by candidate for Utah Democratic Party chairman

Seven women allegedly witnessed instances of sexual misconduct by a candidate for Utah Democratic chairman, according to a Salt Lake Tribune report.

Miller, who is the party’s former vice chairman and treasurer, denies any wrongdoing and says the allegations are a false, final attack before the June 17 Democratic state convention by women who want to elect a female chairman for the party. Of the nine candidates running, four are women.

According to the Tribune, the women sent a letter dated May 29 to the current Democratic chairman alleging that Miller kissed and hugged women without their consent, pulled down his pants to show LDS undergarments and stroked their hair without permission, among other specific allegations.

“Such conduct is unbecoming of party leadership, and inappropriate for any person who seeks a position of power over others,” they wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Tribune. “It also raises the spectrum of potential future sexual harassment claims if such conduct continues.”

Miller told the Tribune in an interview that the allegations have no merit, adding, “There is no sexual harassment.”

The seven other candidates for Utah Democratic party chairman are: Leonardo Gutierrez, Neil Hansen, Ed Schwartz, Sarah Scott, Daisy Thomas, Julianne Waters and Archie Williams.