Congress urged to challenge Obama's executive actions

February 27, 2014 / Fox News

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley issued a dire warning Thursday about the growth of executive power under President Obama, saying if left unchecked the U.S. president could "effectively become a government unto himself."

"It didn't begin with President Obama, but it certainly accelerated under President Obama ...and we are at a point that I consider quite dangerous," Turley told Fox News.

The George Washington University Law School professor spoke with Fox News a day after testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on the same topic. During the hearing, he warned that the nation is at a "constitutional tipping point" as the White House concentrates more and more power.

But he laid the blame at the feet of Congress as well, expressing shock that lawmakers have not fought back harder. "There's not been a whimper of regret or opposition of any substance coming from Congress," he said, adding: "To watch their power usurped by another branch, you would think would concentrate the minds of all members."

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