The road to single-payer?

November 29, 2013 / Forbes

From Forbes:

Short of repeal, few can doubt that with flat tires on the roll-out, sub-dismal enrollment numbers, and many millions of citizens facing a cancelled policy calamity and approved option sticker shocks, ObamaCare needs a big fix. And you can bet your bippy that Dems have one in mind.

Now don’t imagine for a moment that I’m suggesting they premeditatedly plotted those disasters in order to bring about a single-payer plan (aka., “public option” or “universal health care”) as some more conspiratorially-suspicious minds have contemplated. Since when have leaders of either party ever needed to intentionally fail at anything? That theory would give them far too much credit.

Nevertheless, the “solution” is one that Big Government nanny state acolytes had in mind from the beginning. And don’t expect them to let a perfectly good self-created crisis go to waste.

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